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about average white van

Average White Van (dot) com is a place where I share my journey—both inner and outer—as I travel around as a part-time van dweller. The Average White Van (AWV) is a 2016 Promaster City. Her name is Millie, after my maternal grandmother who is no longer alive. Millie was tiny and spunky, just like my van. My grandmother would have been so supportive of my van-ventures—she taught me about unconditional love and I will always be grateful for that.

Riding shotgun is my freckle-faced pup, Milo. He’s learning the ways of the road and has adapted to sleeping in the van without any issues. Milo is not a fan of twisty mountain roads, though.

I’m Shanna and I’m the captain of this rig. I’m a writer and a creative strategist for clients near and far. I know how lucky I am to have the freedom to work from anywhere with a decent Internet connection (that’s the tricky part!) and I never take that for granted.

Follow along as I figure out how to balance (ha!) life on the road, work, and life back home in San Diego. Please say hello if you see me in the wild—and if you want to support my journey, you can use one of my Amazon affiliate links on my gear post to make your next purchase. Of course, you don’t have to do that—I’m just happy you are here.

Here’s to discovery—both the inner and outer journey!

the idea

I have always had itchy feet. I move from town to town, from house to house, with the frequency of a snake shedding its skin. But at the same time, I love a sense of home. Not as a static dwelling, per se, but as a concept or feeling. To have a refuge from the world, a place I can escape to, where my introverted self feels at ease and calm is critical to my wellbeing.

If I were to sum it up in two words, I’d describe myself as a nesting nomad.

The concept of home is an important one for me—but it doesn’t have to be a house in the traditional bricks and sticks sense. Home is a feeling, and yes, it is a place, too; the back of my van fills both the concept and the place roles nicely.

the plan

To travel around the U.S., Canada, and Mexico taking in this rich and beautiful continent that many of us call home. To grow, stretch, and challenge myself to live with even less (I already live pretty lean) and to discover more about the world (and myself) through the joys and hardships of living on the road.

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