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Gear. Every van lifer, RV dweller, road tripper, or traveler I know loves gear.

Even those of us who are minimal travelers know the importance of good gear. The right gear for your needs and circumstances can make or break your trip. There are so many options and systems to suit all personalities, interests, and budgets—and there are hundreds of opinions on the interwebs of what works, what doesn’t, and what you should buy. This gear list, below, are things that work for me. Are there better/other/different products and options? Of course!

My gear list is made up of products and tools I use (reviews to come shortly). If you travel or live in a small van or vehicle, you might find my list useful, too.

This gear list is not definitive, and it’s subject to change based on what I learn as I travel and experiment with different products (got a product you want me to test? Contact me). But, so far, the items below have made my van life adventures easier, more comfortable, fun, or just plain possible. In the coming weeks, I’ll write blog posts where I will review and explain how and why I use the items mentioned below.

Yes, the links below are affiliate links. By clicking and making a purchase (of anything—it doesn’t have to be the linked item), I make a bit of change for coffee, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. If you don’t want to click the link, just search for the item. Easy! But if you make a purchase—¡mil gracias!

And, if you’re curious how I plan and prepare for an extended road trip, check out this post.